Januar 3, 2023
The bASKet trial on stage: Nature medicine’s 11 clinical trials that will shape medicine in 2023.

In December 2022, Nature Medicine announced their top 11 clinical trials to watch in 2023 as they have the potential to shape medicine.

We are honoured that the phase 1/2 trial initiated by Simone Spuler and the Muscle Research Team (Charité/Max Delbrück Center) has been selected.  It is designed to evaluate safety and efficacy of CRISPR/Cas-corrected muscle stem cells to rebuild healthy muscle in genetic muscular dystrophies.

What a strong and encouraging recognition for this targeted approach to bring gene correction therapies for muscular dystrophies into therapeutic use.

The link to the article:



„COVID-19 has continued to disrupt nearly all aspects of clinical trial infrastructure, from patient recruitment to supply chains, but despite this, 2023 promises to bring many new readouts from different branches of medicine.“