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We are a small team with big plans. We will deliver on the promise of regenerative muscle therapies.

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The MyoPax Opportunity

We aim to become the leading international advanced therapeutics company for human muscle and to bring regenerative cell and gene therapies into widespread clinical practice.
Within the next five years, we will establish platforms based on original and engineered muscle stem cell therapeutics targeting specific muscle diseases and bring the first advanced muscle regenerative therapies to market.

At MyoPax, we are proud of our

• patented method for the production of human satellite-derived muscle stem cells (PhSats) with their regenerative phenotype and unmatched purity
• gmp-compliant manufacturing process
• preclinical data that validates the regenerative efficacy of PHSats
• state-of-the-art mRNA-based CRISPR/Cas gene editing tool set for the treatment of muscular dystrophies
• scientific and medical expertise in muscle diseases
• strong affiliation with and vocal support for patient networks
• dedicated team of recognized experts

Join us! Let’s combine our strengths to restore muscle power to those who need it.

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Our MyoPax Partners
BioInnovation Institute
Our entrepreneurial founding partner
Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship
Elite Nordic Mentoring Program
Charité University Hospital
Our alma mater
International Mentoring Network from Stanford University
Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association
The Gisela Krebs Foundation
Investitionsbank Berlin
Co-financed by the European Union